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ATTENTION Contender Boat Owners!

17 May 2011

Attention Current & Future Contender Boat Owners!

OK, it's official! Ocean-Tamer is proud to announce their new partnership with Contender Boats and the début of the NEW Contender authorized marine bean bag products exclusively from Ocean-Tamer. Yes it's true; we are now offering our marine bean bag products with the Contender logo to all current and future Contender boat owners.

Whether you currently own a Contender boat or are thinking of buy one in the future, let Ocean-Tamer outfit your fishing machine with a pair of brand new, color matching, Contender marine bean bags that are guaranteed to turn some heads! All Ocean-Tamer styles, sizes, and color combinations are available.

The new Contender edition marine bean bags from Ocean-Tamer will soon be available from any of your local Contender authorized dealers as well as through Ocean-Tamer direct. All Contender authorized dealers will have the ability to offer these high quality marine seating products to their customers and will either have them in stock or available for customer order very soon. Make sure you ask for the Contender editions Ocean-Tamer marine bean bags by name!

Call us toll free at 1-800-804-0314 or visit us online at for more details!

Contender Edition Marine Bean Bags from Ocean-Tamer


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Ocean-Tamer Marine Bean Bags

18 November 2010

Ocean-Tamer will change the way you look at boating forever! 

Imagine comfortable boating every time you board your boat. A marine grade bean bag product from Ocean-Tamer can help you enjoy your time spent on the water in safety and comfort. Rough sea conditions can be painful on your neck and back. Ocean-Tamer Marine Grade Bean Bags are designed to absorb the shock and pounding of rough seas, sit you closer to the deck, and surround your body with maximum comfort while providing a safer, more relaxing ride. Ocean-Tamer high quality marine seating products provide you with that much-needed comfort while preventing back discomfort, neck pain, and vessel fatigue caused by long rides offshore.

Ocean-Tamer Marine Grade Bean Bags are portable, lightweight, and more versatile than any other marine seating product on the market. Choose from 3 sizes, 4 different styles, and an extensive selection of colors! Even opt to personalize your bean bag with a family name, favorite sports team, fishing team or anything else you can think of! 

Manufactured with 100% marine grade materials and backed by a full lifetime warranty, Ocean-Tamer marine seating products are built to withstand the harsh outdoor elements and extreme marine environment like no other product on the market. All of our marine seating products are manufactured in our state of the art facility in Palmeto, FL which means you can feel confident you are purchasing a product made right here in the USA.
Ocean-Tamer is the marine bean bag chair of choice among more professional tournament fishermen, charter captains, and avid boaters worldwide. When faced with rough seas and long runs offshore in search for the tournament winning fish, most professional fishing teams relies on the quality and comfort of Ocean-Tamer Marine Bean Bags.
Ocean-Tamer designs and distributes marine bean bags for recreational, professional, and commercial applications. Whether you're an offshore fisherman, recreational boater, or not a boater at all, Ocean-Tamer Marine Grade Bean Bags will provide you with a comfortable, versatile, and high quality seating solution that will make your days on the water, tailgating, or just sitting by the pool more enjoyable.
Visit Ocean-Tamer online at and customize your new Ocean-Tamer marine bean bag chairs today!
To become and Ocean-Tamer authorized dealer please contact us at or by phone at (941) 776-1133 
 Other Ocean-Tamer websites:
Ocean-Tamer Marine Bean Bags

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